About Fred

For the past 11 years I have been a resident in southwest Warren.

Even before I was a resident of Warren, I operated a small landscaping business whose primary client base was in Warren, I saw firsthand how the city of Warren targeted small worker owned and operated outfits like mine with consistent harassment, tickets and citations. 

After a few years I decided, like many other service-based businesses, to sell my outfit to a much larger company. I quickly transitioned to the field of loss prevention for 11 years. Then I took the opportunity part from that career and have once again entered the small business world of retail, running a small gift shop for the last 7 years. This career choice has allowed me more time to accurately acquaint myself with local politics and to tackle social issues that still plague our so-called advanced society.

I owe a substantial portion of my socially conscious beliefs to my wife, who was a lifelong resident of Detroit prior to moving Warren in 2008. We have an awesome 5 year old son together, that gives us that added purpose to make the world a better place for his generation.

The primary issues of my campaign will be fixing the roads, proper redistricting, the illumination of issues highlighting the supposed transparency of City Government, eliminating predatory zoning practices, and to establish Warren as a Cannabis friendly city.

My passion for improving the City will stem from the standpoint of a southwest Warren resident, who has traditionally found himself on the short end of the stick through government action or inaction.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this, and I hope I can count on your vote and support.


Frederick Horndt

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