The Roads
Roads are priority number 1. The city needs to stop playing the blame game with the county while people suffer and take matters into our own hands. On Day One, Fred will draft a resolution to bill the county for the even numbered mile roads they failed to upkeep with our tax revenue. He will pursue them to recover damages for his fellow residents of District 1.
Warren residents already pay a lot in taxes, but they don’t see the results they are promised. Fred will oppose any attempts to raise taxes in Warren. He will pursue alternative ways to increase revenue, such as through the sale of cannabis.
Cannabis Friendly
Cannabis is now legal, and could be a source of increased revenue. But we’re going to need more than three dispensaries, and our city charter only allows for a max of 10. We’re the third largest city in Michigan, and it is time we start acting like it and get proactive on cannabis.
End Predatory Zoning
As a small business owner, Fred knows what it is like to be targeted by the city for harassment, tickets, and citations. Fred will work to end predatory zoning practices. 

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